5 Lessons From 8 Years Of Searching For The Simplest 7-Figure Internet Business

I had long searched for the easiest way to make a living online. Until I saw a group of people who were making thousands of dollars daily from simple digital products anyone could create Yes. I mean anyone Think about it. Anyone can research 4 to 5 books of interest in one evening and come […]

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On June 9, 2024
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I had long searched for the easiest way to make a living online.

Until I saw a group of people who were making thousands of dollars daily from simple digital products anyone could create

Yes. I mean anyone

Think about it.

Anyone can research 4 to 5 books of interest in one evening and come up with a new book on any subject matter

The internet made this sort of research 100 times faster

So I decided to join them.

My first ebook was teaching people how they could start a BulkSMS business and make a profit from it

Of course, I had never started one myself

I had no experience…

And lacked the courage to back the product

It failed.

And thankfully so — If you want to teach people how to do something, first, become your own student.


Solve the problem for yourself, then show others how you did it

That way you’re not only authentic but ethical

This is a principle that has served me well in business over the years

That was my first lesson

So I decided to change my approach

I created an e-commerce website selling different types of ebooks

On many different subjects

From weight loss to time management to exercise and diet.

You might be wondering how I got these ebooks, and I will tell you

I was deceived into buying a large PLR license of several ebooks created by “experts”

The sad part was that I bought this license with borrowed money

As expected, it failed.

Nobody was interested in recycled garbage.

This was my second lesson and principle;


Only sell that which is exclusive, original, and in-demand

Truthfully, these topics were in demand

People were looking for a way to get those results

But the contents were not original

They were not exclusive

Perhaps, the original creators had made millions off them

They contained information that was already in the public domain

There was nothing new about them that promised the results

This was my third lesson;


Your product, service, or business endeavor must contain a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for it to succeed

Think about it, buying is all about choices

People choose one vendor or another; one product or the other

But what informs their choice… is what is in it for them

They don’t care so much about the packaging as much as…

Which product offers something uniquely tailored for their benefit

I knew going forward my products must contain a unique mechanism that made my solution work

That way I could break out from being just a commodity with no distinct value

Like Sugar, Salt, or Apples; which all sell within the same price range

And gain the power to set my price

Once your product is a commodity, it has no leverage to influence buying decision

And is at the mercy of the consumer

Finally, after years of feeling the pangs of failure and defeat

I created a new ebook using a combination of the 3 lessons I had learned

This time, the content was original, in-demand, and offered a big USP that could potentially help people save thousands of dollars

After spending some money advertising it; Alas! I made my first sale.

Which was just enough to give me hope 

I thought that was it

Nothing was going to stop me now;

But my success at first, was limited

People wanted this result, the work was original and unique

But they didn’t believe me;

On the internet, your prospects are skeptical.

You need a way to enhance trust and get them to desire your product much more than their fear of losing money

This was my fourth lesson:


Mastering marketing, psychology, and persuasion was the key to making money

Not making products

Not starting a business

The art of telling interesting and convincing stories held the detonator to exploding sales

So I painstakingly learned and mastered the craft of storytelling and copywriting to levels most people would consider insane

I wanted to be able to hold a person’s attention and make them do my bidding

In the process, I even got referred to by some of my students as — “a God”

A title I never accepted.

But boy, I was able to sell effortlessly

Without needing to speak to anyone on the phone.

Phone calls were reserved exclusively for high-ticket sales

And I’ve sold lots of them using the same techniques I mastered.

My friend and I used to call this — automatic sales!

All you had to do was to find a way to get people to read a wonderful sales message, that persuades them to buy without any human interaction

Gradually, my dream of making money while relaxing on the beach was close to being realized 

However, I was still burdened with one problem;

How can I get more people to read the sales messages I have written?

Now this was my fifth and final lesson;


Find the location of underpriced attention and buy it

Imagine you had a piece of letter that convinced 1 in every 50 readers to give you $50

Your success, then, is dependent on how many sets of qualified 50 readers you can get

The solution for me was to master paid advertising on social media

Because it was largely underpriced and had lots of qualified users

This helped me present my powerful sales stories to millions of people for pennies each

And convert many thousands of them into paying customers



These 5 lessons have helped me build a loyal tribe of followers that hark to my every word

They buy everything I put on sale because they love me

My voice sounds like a sweet melody to their ears.

And I hope you too by copying these lessons that took me years to discover can create an online business that brings a barrage of cash to your door.



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