What To Do When The Economy Turns To Sh*t

Believe it or not, economic downturns are real The last major meltdown was in 2008 I still remember it like yesterday…   Table of contents A Short Story Making Money Has A Set Of Rules A Lesson On Resilience How To Survive An Economic Downturn Marketing & Psychology Human Relations Speaking & Leadership Summary A […]

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On June 10, 2024
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Believe it or not, economic downturns are real

The last major meltdown was in 2008

I still remember it like yesterday…


A Short Story

My uncle had retired a few years earlier having been a Deputy Managing Director of a major Nigerian bank

I will keep the bank’s name and his identity a secret for obvious reasons

This man was richer than the average Deputy.

Thanks to his smart investments in stocks…

He was a multi-millionaire (in dollars)

Unfortunately, his entire net worth was wiped out in one swing in 2008

He was lucky to still have a roof over his head; because he owned his home

But there were much bigger issues…

He had 2 kids schooling abroad

Have you heard of tuition, books, feeding allowance, etc.?

Those were some of the bills that were coming at him without mercy

He also had bills of his own to take care of

Have I mentioned his beautiful wife?

You see, everyone depended on him.

He was desperate to find a way out

The tension was palpable

The sleepless nights were cold

But the restless days? Far worse.

Suddenly, in a flash, he remembers the principles for generating wealth

Which he knew from having been in the company of great men for decades

The same principles that helped him become rich in the first place

As he began to apply them, he gradually started to find his feet

And once again, became a millionaire in dollars

What did he remember and how did it help him?

You see…


Making Money Has A Set Of Rules

It doesn’t matter your race, the color of your skin, or how your face looks.

Once you follow these rules

It will come to you. In large quantities.

Those who don’t know or follow the money codes will die poor, broke, and destitute.

I know that sounds harsh

But it’s the truth.

That’s why the first week of our Dollar Journey program is focused on…

Mindset Shifts.

Because I know people cannot make money online or offline without learning the rules of the money game, first.

If you hope to stumble on large sums of money in your lifetime

I strongly recommend, you study money and follow its rules

You can join my Dollar Journey program or any similar program where they teach about the rules for success


A Lesson On Resilience

That’s by the way…

What I want you to notice is my Uncle’s resilience

Most persons would have given up under similar circumstances

They would complain about the government

They would complain about corrupt practices

And spend their days miserably wallowing in self-pity

You see… being resilient is a very important trait

One that we don’t see too often

It is the desire to continue trying against all odds

That is what separates winners from losers

How do you build resilience?

That’s a conversation for another day… 

Today I want to focus on…


How To Survive An Economic Downturn

Surviving an economic downturn requires preparation

The very fact that you’re reading this shows you’re smart

It is easier to win when you’re prepared…

Many volumes have been written on this subject

They’ve covered topics like income diversification, savings, debt management, and so on.

So I am not going to talk about those.

Because you can easily cover those topics…

My focus for today is on increasing your earning power

The ability to make money from anywhere in the world and under any circumstance is one with which comes financial confidence.

I wish to inspire you, through this piece to learn and master certain skills that’ll create the necessary shield to withstand any economic situation

One would expect that I would list the trending skills such as A.I Prompt engineering, Web development, Software engineering, and the likes

But no.

The reason is that those skills are the result of something else

I intend to focus only on fundamentals.

Learning fundamentals means you can start from scratch and build out anything.

Afterall, artificial intelligence and robots will replace most jobs

And they would do it better and more efficiently

So if you only learn high-level skills, you’d be most vulnerable among men.

Hopefully, you are paying attention to what I’m sharing and gearing up to take action.

Now, the first skill I recommend you master is…


Marketing & Psychology

You see, as long as capitalism is in existence…

And healthy or even unhealthy business competition exists

The understanding of marketing will forever remain relevant

Marketing is simply using a deep understanding of human psychology to negotiate, and sometimes, command compliance.

It is needed in the business world

It is needed in the social world and in politics

If you want to wield control to determine your income

Now and in the future…

Develop your marketing skills.

The second and closely related skill you must develop is…


Human Relations

Understanding how to relate and deal with people is an essential skill

Those who commit to the earnest pursuit of relating better with others see significant improvement in all aspects of their lives

Their health…



Are better because of it.

Those who know how to relate with others are always in demand.

Think about this for a minute;

People hire people they like.

Customers patronize brands they like

Winning political seats is also about being liked – in a fair and credible system.

There are very few things that don’t rely on your likeability

So it is something worth investing some time and money, in learning.

If you’re looking for a useful resource on the subject…

Dale Carnegie’s book – How to Win Friends and Influence People is one of the best (if not the best) materials I’ve read on the subject

I suggest you treat it like the bible of human relations

Read it as often as possible.

That brings us to the third and final skill, which is…


Speaking & Leadership

Leadership is a skill that is not recognized enough for what it is:

A skill.

People argue about whether leaders are born or made.

I don’t know who is right or wrong. And I frankly don’t care

It is true that leadership comes more naturally to some

But I have identified leadership and influence to be a learnable skill…

For those who devote the time to learning it.

John C. Maxwell has written a lot about leadership

His resources must be studied as a guide to being an effective leader

It’s also important to note that leadership is different from having titles

So you don’t need a title to become a true leader

A leader is someone that other people follow, and that influences decisions.

Titles can be awarded but leadership is earned.

So focus on practicing the key techniques that will position you for leadership… with or without titles.



As you can see, these different skills are related.

They all deal on the subject of people.

Understanding human nature will always set you up for financial prosperity

Regardless of the economic situation.

Focus on this, and reap the rewards.


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