6 Steps To Create Your Happy Life

There are three things you must realize about life… One, nobody is thinking about you Two, nobody is watching you (except you’re a wanted criminal)… And three; nobody cares about what you wear, drive, or do for a living The illusion is that everybody is talking about you and is thinking about the bad things […]

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On June 8, 2024
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There are three things you must realize about life…

One, nobody is thinking about you

Two, nobody is watching you (except you’re a wanted criminal)…

And three; nobody cares about what you wear, drive, or do for a living

The illusion is that everybody is talking about you and is thinking about the bad things in your life

Wake up, son.

People have their own lives.

They have their issues to deal with

The way to limit yourself is to keep believing that you should act a certain way because of what people may think

That’s taken you off the control seat of your life

External factors are driving you

And taking you to all the wrong places

You need to toughen up.

Become bold.

Do you. And Only you.

That’s why in this article, I want to share with you 6 powerful habits that will transform your life one day at a time.

You will experience an all-round transformation in your life, and it will be immediate.

Ready? Here you go —


1. Meditate

When I was younger, I didn’t understand what it meant to meditate

And even though I grew up in a church that talked a lot about the concept of meditation

It wasn’t properly communicated or maybe they didn’t understand it themselves

Meditation is quieting your mind.

Enjoying the peace that flows through your body as you meditate

Feeling the air as it flows gently through your windpipes to your lungs and back up through your nostrils

It is a state where you enjoy peace of mind regardless of everything going on

As you enjoy that peace, channel your focus to the good things happening in your life

Think about them, revel in each for a second, and feel gratitude

There’s no better way to start your day


2. Talk To Yourself

Just like meditation, talking to yourself is particularly important when you are down

Your inner self is overwhelmed by the challenges of the present

And begins to suggest different things to you

That’s why many people talk or think down on themselves

Meanwhile, talking is something very important, especially what you say to yourself.

You already get a lot of tough words; from your bank account, your boss, your situation…

Don’t join them to crucify you.

Write down what you see about yourself in the future

Your goals, dreams, and aspirations

And speak it to yourself as though it had happened already

Say things like… “I am grateful for making $5 million this year. I know it’s already mine, I am open to receiving it in any way, shape or form”

The things you tell yourself will eventually come to pass.

This is proven. Don’t doubt it… Try it.


3. Exercise

Daily exercise is one of the best habits you can form

I admit that it’s not the easiest thing to do

But it can be done

I could never sustain my exercise routine beyond a few days

But today, I’ve exercised every day for more than a year and a half

And I don’t see myself stopping

Exercising clears your mind, and gets good energy flowing through your entire body

Leading to more productivity, a sound mind and body.

It will keep you fit and help you live longer

In case you’re wondering how I overcame the difficulty with exercising consistently?

Here’s how:

I included a task in my daily routine titled – “light exercise”

This helped to trick my mind into believing that it was easy to do

The first few days I did light exercises like jumping jacks, dancing, squats, etc.

I just needed to do one exercise for a few minutes to tick off my to-do list and keep the streaks

Over time, my body adjusted to the routine, then I could increase the intensity and duration of each session

Of course, there are some busy days, when I do light exercises to continue my streak

Say I’m on a long trip, for example

This helps keep maintain the habit in my brain and helps me continue the very next day

First, get it hardwired in your brain by starting small and carefully building on it.

This is the same principle that has helped me form every other good habit in my life.

I hope it helps you too.


4. Pen and Paper

Pen and paper are two of my favorite tools in this world

It allows you to clear your thoughts, and visualize intangible things

With a pen and a clean shit of paper, you can process your thoughts, feelings, and desires

Some people achieve this by journalling

I don’t keep a journal. Maybe I should.

But I understand the immense benefits writing things down can do for you

I learned it as a young child. I would write out my to-do list and use it to run my day

Some people, even adults, said I was the most organized person they knew.

My secret weapon? It was writing

It helps to keep you focused and makes your life more pleasurable

What should you write?

Your goals.



Thoughts and…


While there are modern tools for writing like note apps on your phone…

I still enjoy using pen and paper whenever I can, because sometimes…

I want to draw shapes and connect dots from one idea to another and the notes app isn’t the best at doing that yet.


5. Ask more

Most of us live in our bubble of self-deceit

Nobody is self-sufficient

Remember, you’ll get to the top by getting help from others.

Learn to ask politely when you need to

Don’t suffer in silence

Ask for a hug.

For a ride




Of course, give people the opportunity to say “No” without them feeling guilty

Don’t feel entitled to anything

But learn to get help.


6. Share

Just like asking for help

Offer to help others whenever you can

A genuine desire to help others has been the inspiration behind some of the biggest companies and brands.

Don’t keep your wisdom to yourself

Post it online for others to benefit

The holy book says “Givers never lack”

You have to be intentional about what you’re giving out…

Become a creator; don’t remain a consumer forever

Contribute to the people of this world

That’s the way you will leave a mark

Make Money.

Enjoy recognition.

And make your dreams come true.

Seek for opportunities to lend a helping hand to others

It will serve you more than you imagine!


I hope this has inspired you to create a better, happier life for yourself and those around you.

Go and win!




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