Sell More Real Estate Using Ads, Consistently

At Last, The Simple Guide Any Realtor Can Use To Get Prospects Who Can Pay 50, 100, and even 500 million For Property Using Facebook Ads + My Lead Gen System

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EXPOSED: ​#1 Reason Why Your Ads Don’t Fetch You HIGH-QUALITY Real Estate Buyers!

​Before I show you why it doesn’t work, tell me if any of these sound familiar –

– Running Ads on Facebook or Instagram, getting tons of likes & DM’s BUT No sale
– Hiring an Expert Marketer to help setup the ads but the result is No better than yours
– Or Maybe the Grueling Experience of posting pictures & videos daily Without sales
– Or Following up a bunch of junk heads for weeks, they keep saying things like – “I will get back to you” But sadly they never do!

If any of these sound familiar, you are not alone.

Hundreds of realtors go through the same, month-in, month-out.

Many are forced to choose a different career path.

We can’t blame them,

it doesn’t make sense to continue on a path that is not working.

But for you, you desperately want this to work!

Aside from the fact that you don’t easily accept defeat,

You want to benefit from the “juicy” commissions you’ll get when you close deals ????

And to be fair, you deserve to have that feeling of “Yess! I just hammered”


I’ve the feeling you are smart enough to know it can work

After-all you can see few realtors making Millions in commission

But you don’t just know how to do the same yet

You might have even used so called “secret” techniques for Facebook and Instagram Ads hoping to break the jinks but to no avail.

That’s because…

The Issue is Not From Your Facebook or Instagram Ads!

This is where most Realtors miss it

While I agree that it’s possible to improve results by optimizing your ads,

In most cases the major lever that brings Top Quality Real Estate Clients is…

The Lead Gen. System

In case you don’t understand what that means, Just let me explain.

A Lead Generation System is the process with which you target, attract & convert strangers into prospects (People who end up purchasing your real estate deals)

And the Bad News is….

In the Real Estate Industry, once this system is Broken, your Ads would NEVER WORK!

I should know…

I have consulted for a good number of real estate agents & companies…

And EVERYTIME they were able to significantly improve their results by using my superior lead generation system (even with the same ads that produced poorly in the past)

Running Ads without using a lead generation system is like running water into a basket hoping it could get full.

You will end up with a few drops (inconsistent & unpredictable sales)

Sadly this is the situation of most realtors.

If you would ever break through and start making consistent & predictable sales & commissions,

You need to use a system that filters out Unserious Prospects while allowing you to…

Fill Your Jotter With Tons of QUALIFIED Buyers Every Week!


Here’s a fact –

If people don’t buy from you, it is one of 3 reasons:

1). They don’t trust you

2). They don’t have the money

3). They are not interested

The first, you can easily solve but the remaining 2 can only be addressed by a system that attracts the right kind on clients who are in a financial position to take the offer.

The truth is…

Without this Superior Lead Generation System, You’ll …

  • Waste your money showing ads to your competitors, and a completely irrelevant audience
  • Get many likes on your ads without any real conversion
  • Waste your resources following up a bunch of broke “window-shopping” leads
  • Go from month to month without closing a single deal!

It is not your “village people”

It can be frustrating at times being a Realtor…

The old selling techniques like ~ “post many times of instagram & Whatsapp status”, “Use fine pictures to run ads on IG & Facebook” ~ Don’t work anymore

That is why I have created a Video course that would show you how to set up a High Quality Lead Generation System.

If you apply the techniques I reveal, you’d be able to bring an end to your sales drought, and position yourself to become one of the top names in the real estate industry!

Come with me let me show you just a fraction of what you would get inside…

  • My Proven Real Estate Funnel that filters out unserious, broke “window shoppers”. Leaving you with ONLY HIGH QUALITY Leads
  • 4 New Facebook & Instagram Ads Targeting Methods to target rich buyers who can purchase property worth N50m – N500m quickly (HINT: Inverse targeting, Hotspot targeting, Copykey targeting and 1 more – You’ll find this NO where else!) 
  • How to cut down your ad cost by advertising up to 10 property’s on Facebook/IG with the same cost for 1 ad
  • Simple steps to setting up automatic follow-up system using retargeting ads that follow your prospect everywhere they go
  • And just to thank you for trying this system out, I’ll give you a SPECIAL BONUS: The simple trick we use to target Nigerians in Diaspora with Ready Cash To Buy Lands &  Houses back Home – 100% Free!


This is not your average course or about using Facebook “Lead Ads”, this is a full systematic approach used by only the top 20% of Realtors in the world.

Now you can access and plug these strategies to outsell, outperform, and outrank your colleagues in days instead of years!

So WHAT does it cost?

Resources like this are PURE GOLD and can’t be found on Google.

From the sound of it, you already know this is going to be expensive

And Yes it is.

To be fair – I could price it at N75,000 and it would be worth every penny.

But you won’t pay anything close to that today.

I target to sell this for just N50,000…

But you can get it at an extra 64% off until I close the discount (Which can happen by midnight tonight)


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N18,000 | Retail: N50K | Save 64%

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So now you have 3 options –

One, you can continue to try all the things you already tried that didn’t work as well as you really wanted

Two, you do absolutely nothing. Accept your situation however it gets (…and just suck it up) or…

Three, you can make a Risk-Free purchase of this course, implement the strategies and see how far it goes

Of these 3 options which one is easier for you?

For every smart person, the 3 option is a no-brainer because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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Get This Video Course for Just N18,000

N18,000 | Retail: N50K | Save 64%

A mystery bonus (…you’ll need) awaits you on the next page »

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Superior Lead Gen. For Realtors

At Last, A Simple Guide Any Realtor Can Use To Get Prospects Who Can Pay 50, 100, and even 500 million For Property Using Facebook Ads + My Lead Gen System

N18,000 | Retail: N50K | Save 64%

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Get This Video Course for Just N18,000

N18,000 | Retail: N50K | Save 64%

A mystery bonus (…you’ll need) awaits you on the next page »

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Get This Video Course for Just N18,000

Retail: N50K  | (Save 64%)