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Discover ​How To Identify a HOT Selling Info Product Idea, Create It Overnight And Sell Thousands of Copies (…Even if You Are a Complete Newbie & Don’t Know What Information Products Are)

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​If You Are Not Yet Selling Information Products, You Are Losing Out On A Big Financial Opportunity! 

Here is a Question: With Information products you can easily put “money making” on auto pilot… Just Relax, sit back and watch money roll into your bank account… right?

My Answer: False! (But can be true… wait for it)

Before I explain, let me answer the question…

What are Information Products?

Info products are simple digital resources like ebooks, videos, audios, etc. That shows someone how to solve a problem.

Here is an Example:

If you create a short 9 paged ebook on “How to Get Accepted and Play In A Top English Football Club”…

We know that there are likely over 5 million young people who want this! (…and in some cases 40 year olds who claim to be under 17)

If you price this ebook at N5,000 and sell just 200 copies (Ideally could be more) per month… How Much Would You Be Making Monthly?

Don’t bother doing the Math…

…You’d Make An Automated N1,000,000 Every Month For The Foreseeable Future!

This looks exciting right?

So let me explain my previous answer.

Most newbies that venture into the world of Info Marketing fail and then… they QUIT.

I believe it’s because…

1). They try to sell info products nobody wants to buy especially with Google answering most questions for free


2). They don’t know how to sell hundreds of copies PREDICTABLY each and every month without wasting tons of cash on Ads that don’t convert

But the truth is…

If you can figure out how to create products for a hungry market and make tons of sales predictably every month, then…

​…You Can Actually Sit Back, Relax and Watch Money Roll Into Your Account Without Further Work!

​The good news is…

It’s not difficult to make that happen especially if you follow the tested & proven system in my course “Information Marketing Mastery”…

It will give you an UNFAIR advantage to create info products people actually want to pay for and reveal the secret techniques I use to sell several hundreds of copies predictably each month.

And the best part is…

…While others struggle, you’ll be on a FAST PATH to building lasting financial success selling more copies of info products than you can remember…

Come with me let me show you just a fraction of what you’d find inside:

  • How to generate tons of FAST SELLING product ideas using actual data & free software in minutes instead of creating a product no one wants to buy
  • The Simple way to create info products OVERNIGHT even if you are not an expert in any niche and you’ve never done anything similar in your life before (…And Yes! it’s not hype, you can do it Overnight!)

This is only the beginning… You will also Discover:

  • The simple method I use to quickly craft HIGH CONVERTING sales copy for anything including emails, sales pages, facebook ads, whatsapp broadcast, that compels your readers to buy
  • How to determine the best price for your product to sell out fast (Hint: Low price is not always right… in fact it can be the cause of poor sales)
  • Don’t have a website or not techy? No problem, You can still sell loads of your product without a website with a free tool I’d show you. You can set it up & start accepting payments for your product online in 5 mins (and the best part… it’s 100% FREE)

Wait… There’s more… You will also Get:

  • My inverted Copy first principle that helps you structure and deliver world class info products that wow buyers every time (Which means you’d get Lower refund rate)
  • The 3 pointers that show if there is actually a hungry market for a product idea (WARNING: Info products that don’t meet at least one of these pointers would fail flat)
  • How I EASILY sell several HUNDREDS of my info products monthly using Facebook Ads (I’ll show you the real Facebook Ads secret most coaches would rather mop the sea than teach you… step by step)


​I know this is already a great deal and you can’t wait to hear the price… but before I tell you, I want to sweeten the deal with 2 Additional Bonuses…

  • SPECIAL BONUS 1: My Private Rolodex of Work Team that can set up world class sales pages, copywriting, Ad videos and Facebook Ads for Low prices
  •  ​​SPECIAL BONUS 2: Access to details of the private tools I use to create videos, build fantastic sales funnels, send automation emails, and lot’s more.

You’ll be able to get similar results, like the one below:

I personally make 7 Figures monthly selling info products (see proof above)…

And I am confident that after taking this Video Course, You will’ve everything it takes to come from “Novice” to “Best selling Info Marketer” – Making a minimum of N1,000,000 additional income!

And it doesn’t have to take time (30 days is more than enough)

So WHAT does it cost?

You and I know that trainings like this are worth over and above N1,000,000.

Because we are revealing our MONEY MAKING secret with you!

But you won’t pay anything close to that today.

As a matter of fact, I previously charged just N400,000 for this and that’s my target price for this offer.

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Info Marketing Mastery Course

​Discover ​How To Identify a HOT Selling Info Product Idea, Create It Overnight And Sell Thousands of Copies (…Even if You Are a Complete Novice & Don’t Know What Info Products Are)

N97,000 | Retail: N400K | Save 76%


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I Already Make a Decent Income Do I Still Need This?

Most self made Millionaires & Billionaires I know, including myself, have more than 3 streams of income.

This is the first law of the wealthy – “Never be satisfied with 1 stream”.

If you sit on 1 stream, what happens when it suddenly fails?

So even if you currently make enough money to live comfortably for the rest of your life… it’s still a smart choice to take advantage of a new stream.

Especially one that is set up, forget… and EARN!

Get This Course for Just N97,000

N97,000 | Retail: N400K | Save 76%

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Get This Course for Just N97,000

Retail: N400K  | (Save 76%)

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