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If You Advertise on Facebook, You Might Be Affected By The “Targeting Bug”…

Affected advertisers (over 6 million persons) end up paying as much as 5x more per click and get fewer sales/conversions.

For real…

The problem is that when you want to target your ads, you are taken to a page like this…

Meaning that you’re using the same limited targeting options as 7 Million advertisers.

Therefore, your ads would bid for the same audiences… driving the Ad cost wayyyy up and conversion/sales down.

This is Annoying right?

I felt the same when I discovered this too…

Unfortunately, Many advertisers haven’t got a clue and those that do, don’t know how to avoid it…

…They still use the “old & outdated” detailed targeting suggestions in Ads Manager + Audience Insight everyone else is using, hoping & “praying” to see results.

It’s no surprise why MOST advertisers get average/poor results in sales.

Even if the result seemed great, couldn’t it have been greater with better targeting?

Remember ~

Great Offer + Poor Targeting = Low sales
“Okay” Offer + Great Targeting = High sales

After investing countless hours into solving this “Targeting Bug”… I discovered a HACK and I’m about to give it to you.

​​Using This NEW Targeting Hack, You Can Target Your Ideal Customers With Sniper Like Precision…


What that means is that “only people likely to buy your product would see your Ads”

In one instance… This technique helped me to…

Dramatically crash the “Cost per purchase” of a N5k digital product from N1,237 to just N197

That’s literally more than 5x more sales with the same ad budget!

When you use this Hack, You’ll enjoy

  • 2x – 5x Lower Cost for Ads. Because you’d be able to UNCOVER audiences not publicly available. “Lesser competition = Lesser ad cost”
  • Increased Ad Quality Score. Because your ads would be sooo relevant to every eyeball that sees it. You’ll notice an “immediate” spike in engagements, Click & Sales
  • Get More Sales With The Same Ad Spend. Only your ideal customers would see your ad, so you’d get more sales without spending more
  • Save lots of time. Find the right interest to target with few clicks of a button. Faster and much easier than doing tons of research only to end up with interest that don’t work
  • Fast Sales In ANY Niche. Local ecommerce, digital products, affiliate marketing, health & fitness, Any service, etc. 
  • Savings on “Overhyped” Targeting Softwares. No need for additional expensive software. The tool for this HACK is free and will remain so if you start now.

When You Don’t Use This Hack. You’ll…

  • Waste precious time searching for good audiences​
  • Pay Expensive Ads cost
  • Have Ads with“Below Average” Quality Score
  • Get 50% lower reach that your competitors
  • ​Suffer ​Poor SALES/Conversions

​​What this means is that this is a MUST-HAVE tool in the arsenal of any and every serious marketer… from “Beginner to EXPERT”.

Some experts might make the mistake of assuming they know it… but hear me out.

If you still do research using Google, Audience Insight, etc… YOU DON’T KNOW IT

Because if you did… You’d have long stopped using those tool. This NEW Technique would be a true game changer for you!

I have put together a quick video tutorial that would show you how you can start using this for yourself in under 7 minutes.

And the best part is that…

It’s the same technique Me & Other Legendary marketers like Ryan Deiss, Tai Lopez, and Billy Gene use to sell 1,000’s of products like clock work.

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So WHAT does it cost?

Materials of this quality are easily valued well above N35,000…

But you won’t pay anything close to that…

I target to sell this for =N=14,000

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N9,990 | Retail: N14K | Save 30%

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Facebook Targeting Hack

​Use this NEW technique Legendary marketers like Ryan Deiss, Tai Lopez, and Billy Gene use to sell 1,000’s of their products.

N9,990 | Retail: N14K | Save 30%


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Guarantee?

Yep…all our products have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

How Do I Get This Video Tutorial?

This is “On-demand” content that you can access at any time.

Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details where you’ll be able to access the full video tutorial

How Does The Tutorial Pay For It Self?

The truth is that if you run one more Ad without it, you could WASTE as much as the cost of this tutorial for lesser clicks & conversions. Using this tutorial saves you several thousands for years to come

Does The 30% Discount Close?

Unfortunately, every good thing has an end and so does this special offer. It closes once the timer hits zero.

Get This Video Tutorial for Just N9,990

N9,990 | Retail: N14K | Save 30%

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He speaks at several large events (across 3 continents), including the National Business Conference at Oriental Hotel in 2019.

He has also been featured side by side famous entrepreneurs like Akin Alabi (Founder Nairabet), Shola Akinade (Co-Founder, Paystack), and Iyan Carnevale (Co-Founder, Andela)

In total, Godson runs 5 different thriving online companies and is willing to show you what you need to do to replicate his success.

Get This Video Tutorial for Just N9,990

Retail: N14K  | (Save 30%)

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