What The Hell is This Weird Looking Diagram And How Can It Give You An UNFAIR ADVANTAGE To Earn Thousands of Dollars From Nigeria in 2023 And Beyond?

Dear Friend,

My name is Godson Okorodudu, and to cut to the chase I want to give you 100% free access to something I truly believe if you apply it, will…

  • Completely change your financial status by allowing you to earn in US dollars from the comfort of your home regardless of the economy
  • Set you on a fast track to enjoying an amazing level of personal income and financial freedom you never imagined possible… making a solid $3,000 – $5,000 monthly doing little to NO WORK yourself
  • And ultimately, give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE to quickly tap into a little known online income niche. Come with me,


“How to Become a Respected, Sought After, Outrageously Paid Service Provider for American Businesses Without Ever Having to Do The Service Yourself”

With these little secrets at your fingertips…

You’ll be in absolute control of your earning power. Helping American Businesses for Thousands of High-value Dollars. No matter how bad the economy gets

You don’t need to actually do the work yourself or learn any new skills or even quit your job to do this…

You just have to know how it really works and that’s what I have revealed below….

I’ll try to keep this short because I value my time and I hope you value yours…

If you’d love to start pocketing as much as $1,500 for a single gig without ever having to do the work yourself…

I have good news for you,

Today, I am going to show you how to use a little known 103-year-old business model to enrich yourself.

I am going to introduce you to an insanely lucrative world most people would never realize exists… and by the time you are done reading this, you’ll be in a firm position to…

Unleash Your Money Generating Power and Never Again Worry About Your Financial Future


Here’s what this is about:

Millions of Small Businesses in America and Europe are desperately seeking out ways to cut costs and multiply their profits…

And yet, most of these business owners are stuck paying “overpriced” agencies for simple services time and time again.

Which means…

If you offer them a 30% – 50% lower price in dollars (which usually converts for hundreds of thousands to sometimes millions in naira)…

“You Can Literally Make People Stand In Line and Beg You to Take Their Hard Earned Money,”

And the best part is that you don’t have to deliver the service yourself.

The way it works is a simple 3 step process:

STEP 1: An American Business Pays you $1,500 (instead of paying an Agency in the US $3,000) to deliver a professional service

STEP 2: You pay a Freelancer on Marketplaces like Fiverr to do the work for $150 in a few days

STEP 3: You deliver the project to the buyer and pocket a whopping $1,350 (at the official rate, =N=540,000) in profits.

Now let’s do the math…

N540,000 x 1 Gig = N540,000
N540,000 x 2 Gigs = N1,080,000
N540,000 x 3 Gigs = N1,620,000
N540,000 x 4 Gigs = N2,160,000

Every Month!!!

For literally doing NO work yourself other than chatting with a freelancer online.

This is called drop servicing or service arbitrage (a business model that has existed since the beginning of modern history)

N540,000 in profits for a service you never have to deliver yourself!

Isn’t that amazing?

I have been paid that much ( …and more) for delivering services I never had a single clue how it was done

…and I am telling you confidently that the same is possible for you.

Now you have two choices…

I have exposed you to the Drop service idea “free”, so you can

Jump-off and try to do it on your own…

But if you are going to do this and make serious money doing it, you need to be mentally ready to put in the work at the beginning and you gotta know what you’re doing.

What I mean is:

  • You need to understand how to pick a service niche that is in high demand using data not just what you think or read online
  • You need to figure out where to find these American businesses and how to get them to trust you even when you are in Nigeria
  • You need to know how to position yourself, negotiate with them and actually move money out of their pockets into yours. Etc.

That’s where I can help…

It took me a long time to figure everything out…

Like you, I decided I wanted to become a millionaire providing services.

I quickly realized that Nigerian businesses couldn’t pay well… not because they didn’t want to… but because they quite frankly didn’t have the means.

So I started seeking out ways to break into the Foreign marketplace…

Specifically the US and Canada.

I read everything and anything I found on the internet about how to do this, I even tried appealing to friends overseas.

Yet I had nothing to show for it… and quite frankly, I almost gave up.

But because I have a mind that doesn’t easily quit. I just kept trying and eventually (after several months of rejection and disappointments) I finally cracked the code.

Within a few weeks, things started to change…

Today, I have a steady supply of deep-pocket-clients who actually thank me for the services I provide when in fact – I can’t do many of those services myself.

And the unrighteous sums I get paid per gig is what many top bankers and senior management staff earn as monthly salary.

I’m not saying all this to brag, but to show you that if I could start from scratch with zero help from anyone and still end up where I am today….

Just Imagine How Quickly You can Climb Up The Ladder of Success When You Have The Secret BAG OF TRICKS Most people have never seen….


If I had what I’m about to put in your hands when I first started out, my financial adventure could have started wayyyyy earlier than it did.

But you don’t have to spend as long as I did trying to figure out how to make money with Drop servicing.

You can shortcut your own path to earning thousands of dollars Drop Servicing for American Businesses… by letting me share my hard-won secrets with you.

While everyone else struggles,

You’ll be on the upward escalator to…

Making a solid six-figure income every month doing WAY LESS WORK than 99.9% of humans walking the surface of the earth right now.

I’ve compiled practically everything I’ve learned about doing drop service for outrageous sums of money into an easy-to-understand and easy-to-copy Jump-start course called…..

“Drop Servicing 2.0”

It’s designed to be the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to learn how to hit a stunning $3,000 a month even if you’re just starting out.

Plus… it reveals…



And I am giving it to you almost free…

In just a moment I’ll tell you how to get your dime sale offer.

But first, here are just…

Some of the Secrets You’ll Find in this Jumpstart Course:

  • The Best Services to Dropship. I will show you the highest paying Niches where you can earn as much as =N= 540,000.00 (or more) per gig
  • How to Land Your First Clients in Weeks. The proven technique that can fetch anyone deep-pocket-clients in America without spending a dime on Advertisement. 

(Note: This makes drop servicing ridiculously simple and 10x more financially rewarding; you can literally use this knowledge to make people stand in line and beg you to take their money)

  • Happy Clients = More Money. How to Get Reliable, Tested and Trusted Freelancers who can deliver your clients projects with sniper-like precision for less than 5% of what you earn and maintain a list of happy clients that will give you more projects and recommend you to their friends.
  • Client Qualifier Technique… How to sift through the noise and quickly identify the right kind of client – “Players with money”, so you are not wasting your precious time with a bunch of losers 
  • Avoid this Mistake – The #1 Common Challenge that stops rookies from making tons of cash drop-servicing (…and how to avoid it with 1 simple trick) 
  • The #1 Irresistible Conversion Element you need to show to your prospects that literally “force-compels” them to reach out for their wallets and pay you hard cold DOLLARS.

But this is only the beginning.

You’ll also Discover…

  • What to say when the prospects says “NO” or says “Let’s do this later” that would make him “apologize” and then take the deal almost every time (…it’s not magic but its damn close – it doesn’t work all the time but even if it worked only 50% of the time, wouldn’t that be a BIG PLUS for you?) 
  • What to say when your prospects say “The Price is above my budget”. This trick alone has helped me rescue a countless number of so-called “lost deals” and turn them into perpetual repeat clients 
  • When to reveal your price to the prospect. If you get the timing wrong… sorry, the deal is already lost. 
  • Simple Trick to Get Paid 10x Faster – The exact “PHRASE” to say that can hypnotize the prospect and “magically” create an intense feeling of urgency that make him/her pay for your services that same moment 
  • How to Close a Sale like a Pro… The exact question to ask ANY PROSPECT when it’s time to ask for the sale without sounding “awkward” or feeling “stupid”.
  • 13 quick battle-hardened tips that could literally give you “13-months’-worth” of drop servicing EXPERIENCE in under 7 minutes, so you can start your business this weekend…
  • And lot’s more…

Are you beginning to get the idea that your dreams of starting a side hustle and earning thousands of hard cold dollars are about to come true?

Let me emphasize what I said at the beginning of this letter…


It doesn’t matter if you are completely new to online business.

You don’t need to have any technical skills to do this,

You don’t need any previous experience,

You don’t need a high IQ,

The only thing you need is your discipline to follow…

The simple steps in the Drop Service 2.0 Jump-Start course

Just that…

Nothing more, and the results will amaze you.


I didn’t come from a poor family but we weren’t rich.

I struggled just like most of you and had to make my hustle count – at least a legitimate hustle.

The steps that I am revealing today are the exact same secrets that have helped me pocket…

As much as $3,809.5 for a single drop service project

As far back as 2017!

And starting right now, you can use them to put your financial future firmly in your control.

If you use these simple secrets, tips, strategies, and ideas just as I’ve outlined them, you should never have to worry about money again.

Like I said earlier, I want to give you complete access to this amazing Jump Start Course – almost FREE 

So How Much Does it Cost?


You’ll agree with me that for the value in this course we could easily price it at $2,500 (N900,000)

Although it is not rare to see people pay that for stuff like this…

But you are not going to pay anything near that…

So let’s crash the price by dividing it by 2…

That gives us $1,250 (N450,000)

To me, N450,000 is fine because many people who don’t have my knowledge, experience and clout charge up to that.

And I am confident you would likely make back twice that amount in the next few weeks if you can follow my steps “religiously”.

But I still won’t ask you to pay that.

Not even $1,000 (N360,000),

Not $700 (N252,000),

Not $500 (N180,000),

Just to be fair and ensure I’m making enough from the hard work and effort I put into making the course…

I will give you access at a price that (I believe at least…) is truly irresistible…

…Just $250 (N90,000)

You’ll agree with me that this is a fair-irresistible offer right?

But you know what’s even better…

If you take action today… you can get it at the SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY price of just $42.5 (N17,000)

Meaning you’d be saving a whopping N73,000!

Click the button below now to claim your offer!

Get Drop Service 2.0 for Just N17,000

N17,000 | Retail Price: N90K | Save 82%

But you have to hurry! This offer is time-sensitive. I would be taking the price back to N90,000 soon

Here is Yet Another Reason To Take Action Now…

When You Take This Offer Today, You’ll Also Get Some Fast Action Bonuses



Since you’d be calling your clients in America, this call app would save you thousands of naira you’d have otherwise have spent for calls by…

Giving you unlimited minutes to call unlimited phone numbers in America for peanuts.

And also a legit US phone number to call and receive calls from anywhere in the world (…and no one would know where you are calling from)

And No… it’s not WhatsApp…

VALUE: N500,000

Yours to claim today for – FREE!


Get access to PREMIUM tutorials that will help you kick start your journey to becoming an expert Facebook advertiser

You will be able to create adverts like a pro… (…when really you are just beginner)

You would even be able to sell advertising services to clients or use your skills to get more clients for your drop service business.

VALUE: N400,000

Yours to claim today for – FREE!

Get Drop Service 2.0 For N17,000

N17,000 | Retail: N90K | Save 82%

And Oh… There’s more!



Get my never before revealed technique to land BIG DEALS.

In it, you will discover my power 3 communication sequence for getting the most suspicious white-man on the planet to trust you

Each step in the sequence is soooo… important, that if you don’t follow it exactly as it is…

It would be excruciatingly difficult to ever get BIG CHECKS online.

VALUE: Priceless!

Yours to claim today for – FREE!


You won’t succeed in this business if you don’t have answers to these questions;

  • Do I need to speak like a white person… when talking with prospects what tone should I use…?
  • How often should I send follow up emails?
  • Should I reveal my true location as outside America, especially Nigeria? (The answer would certainly shock you…)
  • And lots lots more…

VALUE: N500,000.00

Yours to claim today for – FREE!

Get Drop Service 2.0 For N17,000

N17,000 | Retail: N90K | Save 82%


Get my actual “talking to strangers” call script… just repeat word for word each time you are making a cold call and watch the magic happen.

No begging, No fear… as long as you can read, it will help you reach deep into the heart and “pockets” of your listeners.

VALUE: N50,000

Yours to claim today for – FREE!

It’s getting hotter – If you don’t take fast action – you really have a lot to lose! 



Maybe you don’t like to watch videos and just prefer to read.

You also get the course delivered in Downloadable PDF version along side follow up templates, cold calling secrets, objection handling questions and lots more.

VALUE: N7,000

I know you think that’s all… but there’s yet one more


Get Drop Service 1.0 For N17,000

N17,000 | Retail: N90K | Save 82%


This is player material!

In exchange for a small fee of N17,000!

An incredible bargain for the kind of NO B.S drop-servicing insight that could be worth thousands of dollars or at the very least N400,000!

Let me ask you;

What would you do with a steady supply of high dollar income coming your way every month?

Let’s say you are lazy and make only $3,000/mo (=N=1,080,000) as I did back then when I started years ago…

Maybe you’d move out of your parent’s house… to your own house and create multiple streams of income.

Maybe you’ll start that business you’ve always seen your future self doing…

Maybe you’ll assist your loved ones and help them get ahead in life…

Maybe you’ll buy a fancier car or relocate out of the country…

Now, imagine that freedom;

Doing what you want, just when & how you want it!

Simply because you’ve decided to tap into a lucrative business, that many don’t know about.

From now on you would not be bothered by dollar becoming expensive… Instead you’d rejoice!

At first, it will seem like a dream, then you’ll realize it’s real…

Imagine yourself, truly relaxed, happy and enjoying an unlimited supply of finances just enough for all your greedy little heart desires.


I’m happy to announce to you that the life you just imagined is ONE TINY STEP away from becoming your present reality.

But only if you take action right now!

I have to be honest;


I have to take the price back to $250 (N90,000) to hit my personal profit goal for this MASTERPIECE…

Don’t judge me… We’ve all got goals… right?


I also need to remove the FAST ACTION BONUSES and sell them as individual products…


I don’t know your present state of mind… but what I do know is…

if you don’t take action now, you might never be able to afford this course and all the bundled bonuses “individually” ever again once I raise the prices…

And the Cold Truth is…

Your adventure as a respected, well-paid “AMERICAN” Drop service provider cannot get off the ground if you do not have the necessary “tools” to earn high-paying gigs with an endless flow of clients.

You get there by learning WHAT to do, and actually HOW to do it.

And that’s what my course is for.

If you take this and follow the outlined steps “religiously”, I am 100% sure that you will have all the tools to actually – become a MILLIONAIRE before this year is over! 

But I am not promising you you will because I am not sure you will put in the work or do anything different at all.

Get Drop Service 2.0 For N17,000

N17,000 | Retail: N90K | Save 82%

Now Here’s What Happens After You Make Your Payment


Immediately After you pay, we will automatically send you an email containing your access details to the jump-start course…


Don’t worry… It comes with special lifetime access to the entire course and bonuses

Is there A Guarantee?

Yep…all our products have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. (See refund policy)

In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease.

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

So now you have nothing to lose taking this deal… and a world of peace, happiness and true financial freedom to gain

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N17,000 | Retail: N90K | Save 82%


Godson Okorodudu
Founder & CEO, Miduman.com & Zappysend.com

P.S. Drop servicing is a century-old business model and it is not going anywhere… I have been doing this for years coming.

The things I teach work! That’s why I am where I am.

As I write this, I just completed 1 gig like this from Canada, and 2 more are on the way…

That’s NOT a flex.

That’s just me saying, “Hey, commerce didn’t stop overnight. Regardless of what you’ve heard, people no smarter than you are out here making it happen just like every other month!”

And listen, you don’t need to spend ONE DOLLAR to figure it out.

All you have to do is get out there and start pitching your ass off.

With enough hustle, you can make every mistake in the book and still succeed.

And you will make a fuckload of mistakes.

You will get focused on meaningless shit while avoiding doing what’s important.

You will get frustrated.

You will use your time inefficiently.

You will do all the things that everyone does trying to figure this shit out for the first time.

If you can afford that lengthy journey or you just enjoy the struggle, more power to you.

But if you are serious about getting tangible results on a timeline, that’s why I made my course.

To let you avoid those mistakes.

To keep you laser-focused on what matters.

To help you land your first clients in weeks instead of months.

To help you reach sustainable income in months instead of years.

If that’s the reality you want, buy my course.

That’s exactly what it’s for.

And I’m not going to give you the whole spiel.

But I am going to be real with you.

If you honestly think you are willing to invest 10, 20, 40 hours of your time per month into this business, but you aren’t willing to invest $47 (N17,000) in using those hours correctly, then either you are lying to yourself, or your time just isn’t worth jack shit.

I’ve spent over $30k on courses, coaching and consulting to get where I am.

And I can usually guess someone’s income by asking them how much they’ve spent on training.

You don’t NEED it.

But it sure fucking helps.

Get the Course Now, You deserve to have your time invested correctly!

And before I forget, Here is your…


How to speak persuasively on the phone and close deals of $1,000, $3,000 and even $10,000 in just 30 minutes or less.

You will discover…

  • The right questions to ask the prospect to channel him to sell himself on your offer
    #1 Rule of closing on the phone. That if broken… The sale is lost!
  • The 5 foolish mistakes rookies make when talking to prospects that cost them the sale almost every time
  • The exact tone you should use when mentioning your price and why this is so important to making the sale.
  • How to Master The secret art of vocal seduction and romance that forces the prospects to like you from miles away (HINT: It can also work for “getting more dates”)

VALUE: N500,000.00

Yours to claim today for – FREE!

Get Drop Service 2.0 for Just N17,000

Retail: N90K | (Save 82%)


What is a Jump Start Course?

It is not quite a course and it’s definitely not an ordinary white-paper or report…

A Jumpstart Course is like an “Execution plan on steroids”

They are all meat with zero fluff.

You won’t have to spend countless hours learning…

It is more about taking action and getting results as quickly and as easily as possible.

How soon can I start Earning?

You are in total control, friend.

I cannot say you will land your first client in a few days, weeks or months – That depends on how quickly you implement what you learn among other factors that are personal to you.

Notwithstanding, It is also highly possible to start earning a few days from today ~

That’s what the Jumpstart course is for…

…To cut down the time it would have taken you to figure everything out yourself

Will You Really Increase the Price to $250 (N90,000)?

The answer, simple and short is…


As a matter of fact, you won’t find this deal anywhere else on this website or on the internet!

So, Take advantage of it while you still can

How will I access the Course After Payment?

Once you successfully make your payment.

We would send you an email containing your login details to our learning portal

Our software does it automatically… so you’ll get access even if it’s 2 A.M in the morning.

Are there testimonials for this Course?

There are no testimonials yet for one simple reason…

These secrets have been locked up in my special vault for…


And this is the first time they would ever make their way online.

Meaning you’ll be one of the first set of lucky persons to ever set eyes on this PURE GOLD that has generated several thousands of dollars for me for several years.

The truth is…

Once I get the first few testimonials, I’ll take the price back to $250 (N90,000)

And I am confident this would happen very quickly…

You can also check what other people are saying about me and my work.

Claim Offer Today for Just N17,000

Retail: N90K | (Save 82%)

About Your Tutor

Godson is the Founder & CEO of Miduman.com & Zappysend.com. A stellar alumnus of YCombinator SUS, San-francisco California.

He speaks at several large events (across 3 continents), including the National Business Conference at Oriental Hotel in 2019.

He has also been featured side by side famous entrepreneurs like Akin Alabi (Founder Nairabet), Shola Akinade (Co-Founder, Paystack), and Iyan Carnevale (Co-Founder, Andela)

In total, Godson runs 5 different thriving online companies and is willing to show you what you need to do to replicate his success.