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 Dear Friend,

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Are you ready? Let’s get into it…

The reason why ads don’t work is not what many people think!

Many advertisers waste their whole budget & time tweaking their ad copy, targeting & creatives – without getting any significant result

And as funny as it sounds…

Most of the time, the ads were just fine.

I mean there was absolutely nothing wrong with the ad they used.


Don’t be.

Just let me explain

You see… All advertising campaigns have 3 main levers

Regardless of your product or service, industry, niche or how ever you identify what you sell…

You have these 3 levers.

They are …

1. Your Offer

2. Ads Platform (Facebook) and the…

3. After Click Experience.

These levers, regulate the success of your campaigns whether you are aware of it or not.

And once one of them is broken, your campaign is DOA

(…that’s short for DEAD ON ARRIVAL)

You might already have an idea about what they are,

but I bet you’ll want to read every single word I say next because I explain it in a NEXT LEVEL way –

Let’s look at each of them;


Many people make the mistake of assuming their offer is the same as their product/service

This should not be you.

Your offer is not the same as your product or service,

It goes way beyond that.

Look at it this way;

You have many more competitors than you currently imagine for your prospects attention (and most importantly… MONEY)

So if she needs to pay N25,000 for your product, she likely has 100 other things she could do with that same money.

Those “other things” are also your competitors.

So, to cut it short,

A powerful offer is one that forces that prospect to turn his desire away from everything else and give you his attention and MONEY!

So without a powerful offer, your ads are fighting a lost cause.

I hope that’s crystal clear and if it isn’t, don’t worry for now

Let’s move on to…


The Ads platform (Facebook):

This may look simple but there are many things advertisers don’t realize.

It’s not their fault.

Facebook doesn’t explicitly state somethings.

For example, the only reason why some ads don’t produce as many sales as it should is because of a little know punishment Facebook applies to the ad

In case you are wondering, this is different from account ban

It is a ruthless way of making advertisers pay more when they violate some rules and…

…I can bet that only about 1 in 100,000 advertisers know about this.

But that’s not all.

There are others, like Algorithms messes that affects how ads are delivered and can put an ad in perpetual NO conversion zone…

So even when your ads look great, eye catching, with a compelling copy,

You can easily end up spending tons and tons of cash without any significant result.

There are many more, but for the sake of space, I will like to end it here, so I can talk about –


The After Click Experience:

By this I’m simply referring to what happens after someone clicks on your ads –

Your sales copy, your WhatsApp chat or any how you close prospects.

Sometimes this process is broken, and can have a significant impact on conversions.


So the fact is…

When your ad campaign is not producing results,

one of these levers is the culprit.

The sad news is that, you might not know which one is responsible

or what to do to fix it.

And that puts you at a great disadvantage when it comes to making consistent sales online.

After investing countless hours and money on ad tests into creating the ultimate solution,

I finally discovered a system and I’m about to give it to you…

Using This System, You’ll Be Able To Sell Out Your Products And Services Even If Your Ads Have Never Worked In The Past…

That is because in the video course,

I’ve distilled a very simple but rare information on how you can identify the faulty lever for your ad campaign and how to fix it.

Not to brag, but I’ve used the exact same method to turn many failing campaigns to Multi-million naira gold-mines for myself and clients.

And I am confident that the same is possible for you.

Come with me, let me show you a fraction of what you will get inside:

  • How to turn your product or service into an irresistible offer that get’s sold-out quickly (Value: N20,000)
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But that’s not all, You’ll Also Discover:

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Debugging Facebook Ads

​Use this rare debugging system and you’ll be able to turn poorly performing ad campaigns into literal gold-mines.

N5,000 | Retail: N20K | Save 75%


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Get This Video Tutorial for Just N5,000

N5,000 | Retail: N20K | Save 75%

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