99% of Facebook advertisers don’t know about this secret system, but the 1% who use it are selling thousands of their products without wasting money on Ads

Let me introduce to you…


Why Your Facebook Ads Get Little or ZERO sales And What You Can Do About It

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Dear friend,

In just a moment,

I’ll be revealing to you what top Facebook advertisers do when their ads don’t work

But first, let me ask you a very important question:

What do you do, when your Facebook ads don’t work?

Do you –

– Duplicate it and start again?

– Test new images/videos?

– Create a new sales page?

– Continue spending WASTING more money on ads? or maybe you…

– Look for a new “winning” product?

Regardless of what your answer was…

I admit that those are not bad options,

But the problem is that there’s no system to it.

Using them, you get lucky sometimes – and it works, but what of when it doesn’t?

You end up mixing one right option and another wrong option together and worsen the whole situation.

My guess is, by the time you’re done trying 2 – 3 of those guess work methods,

You must have wasted tons of energy, time and money.

Yet your ad campaign has still not gotten off the ground.

So, you might be asking yourself:

How Do Those Who Sell Thousands Of a Single Product With Facebook Ads Do It?

Well, the simple answer is that we have a system.

And chances are, every phenomenal advertiser you admire has one too

Because our ads fall flat just like yours,

The only difference is that when they do,

We don’t go guessing and trying all the funny advice most gurus give you.

We simply pull out our framework,

Which in an instant shows us why that particular ad didn’t work and what tweaks would make it work.

We make the edits quickly and get the ads running again.

It’s that simple!

So, forget about all the head twisting & confusing techniques you’ve been told to try –

Allow me introduce you to this wonderful system…

    That Is Solely Responsible For Helping Me Restore Several Ads That Didn’t Work And Turn Them Into Cash Spitting Machines!

    It is a COMPLETE video course that’d help you figure out…

    WHY your ads didn’t work (there are 3 possible faulty levers)… and WHAT you need to do to make it work fast.

    It took me several months of being obsessed about results to finally figure everything out.

    Since then, I’ve kept it a secret from the public.

    Except for sharing it with a few clients who took me up on my High Ticket Consulting offers ($2,000+ per 4 sessions)

    Having spent several millions of my own money on ads,

    I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that this system is proven and repeatable.


    Once you get a hold of it, your ability to run profitable ads CONSISTENTLY and PREDICTABLY becomes a present-tense reality.

    Imagine, what that would do for you starting right now.

    You can start earning 6, 7 and even 8 figures every month running PROFITABLE Facebook ads to sell your products (and) or services fast.

    Or maybe you will start helping others debug their Facebook ads for a fee –

    (There are people willing to pay N20k – N100k to get this type of helpI know this because they approach me every time)

    So while others struggle, you’ll be in complete control of your ad results and by implication – your earning potential

    …Pulling in Hard Cold Cash using the secret knowledge I’m about to place in your hands.

     So if you have...

    • Wasted money on ads without results and don’t want to waste more
    • Been wondering WHY your ads are not working well and looking for…
    • A simple solution to CONSISTENTLY turn great results with ads

    Then this would be a true game changer for you.

    In fact, I am confident, that even if your ads are performing well –

    You can use this unique system to OPTIMIZE its performance beginning today.

    I know you can’t wait to get access to it, but before I tell you how

    Let me first, show you just a fraction of what you’d discover inside:

    • ​The Only 3 Possible Faulty Levers: One or more of these are responsible for ads not working
    • Facebook’s little-known PUNISHMENTS that can make your ad fail (…No, I don’t mean BAN)
    • How Algorithm messes affect ad performance and what you can do to avoid them
    • Making your ads congruent to lower your ad cost and dramatically increase sales
    • Simple ways to optimize your ads *ACE (*Meaning is inside) for better conversion rate
    • The elements of a high converting sales page (with an example of my page that generated well over N20,000,000.00 in few months)

    So What Does It Cost?

    No long stories.

    The price is $50 USD (at the official rate – that is just N20,000)

    But I don’t want you to have any excuse for not taking advantage of this offer,

    So I’m offering you a limited-time 75% discount

    That crashes the price down to just $12.5 – a small token of N5,000

    Of course, this offer doesn’t last forever.

    The price doubles when the timer below hits zero (It’s not a fake urgency timer or anything).

    So take advantage of it now –

    To tweak your ads and getting it running with good results again.

    P.S. Don’t Read The Next Sentence If You Can’t Handle The Truth!

    Let me be plain with you

    You’d NEVER be able to become a master of paid advertising, if you don’t discover what to do when things fail.

    As Serena Williams (The award-winning athlete) said –

    “A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.”

    And I agree.

    Without mastering how to handle ads that don’t work…

    You’d remain a hopeful advertiser, when you could indeed be a smart one – that gets results.

    This is your last chance;

    I’m giving you one hell of a deal to learn from my years of mistakes, losses & frustrations with ads by

    Claiming your copy of DEBUGGING FACEBOOK ADS at ridiculous discount today.

    So you can either take this offer OR

    Go ahead to repeat my mistakes and losses yourself – as well as enjoy every bit of frustration that comes with it.

    The smart choice is yours to make

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    What People Have To Say About Me 

    Debugging Facebook Ads

    ​Use this to FIGURE-OUT why your ads didn’t work and WHAT you can do about it.

    N5,000 | Retail: N20K | Save 75%


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this a video or PDF?

    It is a practical VIDEO, with detailed information on how to debug Facebook ads that are not working (wasting your money without results)

    How Do I Get It?

    Once your payment is submitted, you will receive an email with your login details where you’ll be able to access the full video course.

    You won’t get this email if you’ve purchased any of our courses in the past, you just have to login to your dashboard to access it immediately after payment.

    Everything is automatic. So you’ll get access, even if it’s 2am in the night

    How is this different from the Targeting Hack Course?

    The Targeting Hack course shows you how to get results with a lower ad spend.

    This course is SPECIFICALLY for you if you are having trouble with Ads not producing any significant results from the get go (which is technically – all advertisers)

    Does The Discount Close?

    Yes, the price doubles once, the timer hits zero.

    Get This Course for Just N5,000

    N5,000 | Retail: N20K | Save 75%

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    He has also been featured side by side famous entrepreneurs like Akin Alabi (Founder Nairabet), Shola Akinade (Co-Founder, Paystack), and Iyan Carnevale (Co-Founder, Andela)

    In total, Godson runs 5 different thriving online companies and is willing to show you what you need to do to replicate his success.

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