Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius. Godson, is one of the very best online business men I know, he doesn’t just teach, he actually teaches what is working for him. I’ve gotten so much value from his work”

Emmanuel I, Ontario Canada

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From the Desk of Godson Okorodudu,
Founder & CEO (Miduman.com & Zappysend.com)


Dear Friend,

If you have been thinking about starting a HIGH INCOME online business, this is the most important website you will ever visit.


I’m going to show you a simple strategy you can use immediately to start a booming online business in the shortest possible time!

It’s humbling for me to say this, but… I was once like you.

I wanted to make money on the internet but I did not know how to go about it.

I knew it could give me the two things I wanted most – which was Financial stability & lots of cash.

I tried on different occasions and well… it didn’t go well (feel free to say I failed if you like) until I discovered some of the things I am about to share with you.

You see, for many people running online businesses, they don’t make money, some others make so little – just enough to keep afloat.

That is not what I want for you.

Which is why, I am going to reveal to you HIGH INCOME online businesses you start on a tight budget. (By High Income I mean businesses that bring in millions in profits)

Imagine Making 6, 7 & Even 8 Figures Without All the needless Stress, Scams and Confusion

My guess is that you already know people make this kind of income running online businesses (at least since it has been all over the news & internet)

But what you may not know is that it is NOW EASIER than ever before to command such level of results.

That is why I want to show you how…

Anyone With Half A Brain Can Start A Booming Online Business From Anywhere in the World.

Listen to me, regardless of your current situation, if you are reading this page right now you can change your life. Wondering how I know that?

Very simple, one, I am sure you have access to the internet and two, you can read! 

What I teach works whether you’ve got a job/business or not, whether you see yourself as an online person or don’t know jack about computers. 

You might even think starting an online business is out of your reach because you just don’t have the skills…

It is true that having the right skills can help you do well, but what you may not know is that… 

Having The Right Strategy Will Help You Do Better (Even Without The Skills)

I know exactly how it feels to be trying to start an Online Business as a Starter.

Here’s what happens:

  • You won’t know which online business to choose & why (they all look okay)
  • You won’t know the factors that make online businesses hit 7 figures income and how to incorporate them into your own.
  • You won’t know the mistakes to avoid along the way that means failure
  • You have to make calculated guesses and income estimates and then…
  • (WARNING) You might make mistakes
  • (WARNING) You might lose your shirt (money+)
  • (DANGER) It can easily become depressing when things start going south…

Can I ask you something?

Many people believe that starting a successful online business is a painstaking process. Are they right or wrong? 

Want to know my answer?

They are WRONG!

Yet this is the #1 limiting belief that holds many people back from succeeding.

I agree with you, that hard work is needed, BUT hard work doesn’t have to be painstaking.

There are many pains, mistakes and errors that can be easily avoided by…

Copying What is Already Working…


If you prefer to not “copy” but wander in the world of online business like you are in a dark underground tunnel all by yourself – Goodluck to you.

For most smart people, they reach success very fast because they copy what other successful people are doing instead of starting from scratch.

If this is what you prefer, then continue reading…

This Can Work For Anyone… 

I started with very limited knowledge just like you, suffered in the hands of scammers, failed at different times, made all the wrong choices; traded forex & cryptocurrency, etc.

But today, I am among the prominent names in the online business industry.

My specific experience is the reason why if there is anyone you should listen to on starting online businesses… it is me.

I know what works and what doesn’t and I’m willing to spill the beans.

Even if you are above 60 years old, or have a busy schedule, the secrets I’m about to share would give you COMPLETE insight into how to start your own online business fast.

Grateful, I got this, I am 56 years old, and this is the simplest way anyone can explain how online businesses work to me.”

Juliet E, Port Harcourt, NG.

Secrets to Launch Your High-Income Online Business

In every field, you will agree with me that there is the rich & the poor.

So, for example we have:

  • Rich professors & poor professors,
  • Rich engineers & poor engineers,
  • Rich salesmen & poor salesmen

What I’m about to say next is profound.

Watch this…

Based on statistics and the 80/20 Pareto principle, it is safe to assume that the rich make up just 20% of everyone in the industry and earn 80% of all the money leaving just 20% of the money for 80% of the poor to share.

→ 20% of the people collect 80% of the Money (RICH)

→ 80% of the people share 20% of the Money (POOR)

What do you think is the reason for this Wealth Gap?

The reason is that the secrets to success in every industry are known by only very few people:

The rich!

These men hardly share secrets with anyone else because once you know those secrets you are bound to touch the sky.

They rather excite you with motivational stories of how to perspire to acquire your fire!  and leave the real meat out! (NONSENSE!)

So, you may be thinking your way around it is to search on Google for the secrets to online business?

Ehhhnn! Just wait a second, I have done the search for you:

The results will shock you:

There are Over 25 BILLION search results for ‘Online Business’

What this means is that there are over 25 billion different teachings on how to start a successful online business.

Anyone who tries to read them all, is likely going to spend his lifetime or two lifetimes doing only that.

Let’s pretend for one minute that he was able to finish, he would be filled with lots of conflicting ideas that straight out don’t work!

Okay, let’s take a slightly smarter man for example.

This man decides he is going to read just few articles from the pool of 25 billion:

I’m guessing his first problem will be finding the right article. Since he wouldn’t know what is CURRENTLY WORKING and what has stopped working since 1994. His chances of success are very slim.

To make matters worse, most of those articles were written by bloggers who likely haven’t tried the advice themself, leaving this “not-too-smart” guy as a lab rat in a fiery laboratory.

So if you are thinking of launching an online business sooner or later, you shouldn’t be any of those two men above!

You should take the advice we established earlier as the best way which was – “Copying What is Already Working”

If you are smart and want to do that, then you are in luck because you can start your “copying” by downloading a copy of my latest book:

Titled: Online Business For Starters

In this book I have revealed some of the heavily guarded secrets that can help you achieve almost OVER NIGHT online success even if you’re a starter.

Of course that is an exaggeration, but at least you get what I mean…

With this in your hand, reaching success with an online business would become 100 times easier & faster than you ever thought possible.

I am sure you’ll be blown away by what you’ll find inside.

Inside you will DISCOVER –

Your wealth equation and how to use it to decide which online business will make the most SIGNIFICANT impact on your financial status immediately. (Pg. 16 -31)
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The heavily guarded secrets of all 6 & 7 figure online business.  Everything you need to succeed online (Pg. 59 – 105)
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How to identify a real online business using the 5 key indicators so You never fall prey to online business scams again. (Pg. 34 – 48)
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My Top 7 recommended, simple online businesses you can start with low capital & how they work. (Pg. 50 – 58)
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5 Most important things you need to launch your online business quickly. (Pg. 106 – 119)
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Straight-to-the-point analysis & summary of 3 New High INCOME online businesses, including – how it works, average monthly income, mistakes & myths to avoid, success factors & what you need to start. (Pg. 120 – 167)
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What they didn’t tell you about forex & the #1 mistake that cost my friend N500k in few seconds. (Pg. 122 -126)
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(Three Hundred and Six Thousand)

I’ve bought and read this, and to be candid it is exceptional”

Grace O, Abuja, NG.

I learnt so much 4rm this package. I took up your course & coaching programs because of the quality of this book.”

Samson A, Lagos, NG.

What does it Cost?

I have a confession to make…

The truth is that,

I deliberately made this page long, to sift all unserious minded people out quickly.

What this means is that if you’ve gotten this far, chances are very high that you are serious about starting a thriving online business and wouldn’t mind purchasing resources that can help you.

If my assumption about you is by any chance wrong, I’m sorry for wasting your time, you can leave this page now.

Still here?

– Guessed so.

It’s people like you that succeed online.

You will understand why I said so when you read page 85 of the book.

So… what is the price?

You’ll agree with me that if you were to purchase top “quality” materials to learn everything contained in this ebook individually, you could easily spend over a N100,000.

And it will be worth every kobo spent, because… oneit will help you avoid online scams (how much have you or someone you know lost to scams already?), and two, You’ll find a step by step approach to launching a booming online business fast!

But I won’t put the price at N100,000 because many people can’t afford that.

I won’t even charge N70,000 or even N50,000.

I also won’t set the price at N30,000…

As a matter of fact, right now you can get this masterpiece with over 170 pages of pure gold for a small N9,000 fee.

Yes! you read that right…

For Just N30,000 N9,000 You Can Get Access to “Everything” You Need to Start a Booming “Millions” Online Business

D wealth equatn part was mind blowing. It helped me decide which bizness to start first”

Ese L, Lagos, NG.

This is the most comprehensive book I’ve read on the subject of starting an onl. business. It is worth the price.”

Bidemi A., Ogun

Should You Start An Online Business?

Still hanging on the fence and don’t know if you should take this opportunity, let’s play a game that can help you decide.

So here are the rules:

I will ask you a couple of questions, and I need you to answer very HONESTLY.

if you answer NO to all questions, then you shouldn’t take this deal.

But if you answer YES to any of the questions below, I’m sure you are definitely going to benefit 100% from this.

Ready? Let’s GO –

  1. Are you currently on a stable job/business but want new streams of income (actually more money)? 
  2. Do you have a stash of cash (savings) and are looking for the best way to invest it for maximum returns? 
  3. Do you feel uncomfortable in your current occupation and need a steady 6 or 7 figure income to allow you pursue your dreams without money worries? 
  4. Do you want to start an online business but confused on which online business to start? (Dropshipping vs Affiliate vs Forex vs Info Marketing…) 
  5. Have you tried to start an online business and failed before but don’t mind copying what is already working? 
  6. Have you been scammed when you tried to start an online business in the past? 
  7. Do you want to save up emergency or retirement funds and need to start 6 -7 figure online business? 
  8. Are you tired of Hardship, being out of job with zero income? 
  9. Are you looking for a trusted place where you can get clarity on what online businesses are and how they work?
  10. Do you want to become an internet MILLIONAIRE for real not just making few bucks online?

Time For Results…

So my friend what was it for you…

Did you answer NO to all the questions? That be case, then you can leave this page as the deal is not meant for you.


If you said YES to any of those questions, then I am 100% sure that you are going to benefit greatly from this offer because this ebook will help you figure out how to kick start your online business very fast.

Click the button below to download your copy before the price increases

Thanks to your book & courses, I launched my first online business last week. I have been making an average of 5 sales a day for my 7,500 info-product”

Rawlings A, Benin, NG.

Hark unto me…

Starting an Online Business Will Change Your Life!

At the end of last year, just one out of my 9 different savings system had received well over N2.3 million…


Yes, I was as surprised as you, because I made causal transfers to that particular savings app (Piggyvest) and didn’t know I put in that much since I was more focused on my other investments.

From different online businesses, I have been able to consistently make 6 – 7 figures income for many years now.

Now, I am not saying all that to brag, and I am not saying you will make that in your first month.

I am just showing you that by starting an online business you’ll have a chance to:


Create the income you’ll need to live comfortably for the rest of your life…

Create so much wealth that you’ll never have to worry about money again. A life of leisure and comfort, where you relax, play and enjoy the rest of your life

Create a life of prosperity and affluence for yourself and your family. What was previously only a dream.

If you are confident & ready to move forward with this, then click the button below:

For me buying this was no-brainer seeing your value proposition and I was pleased to find that the ebook contained what you promised. Kudos!

James Buadi, Accra, Ghana.

So, Who Am I To Make such Claims?

My name is Godson Okorodudu, I am the Founder & CEO, Miduman.com & Zappysend.com (Two great online companies), I am also an alumnus of the prestigious YCombinator SUS, California -USA.

If you haven’t heard of me, our paths haven’t just crossed before…

Or maybe you’ve seen me speak at large business conferences with thousands of people (Last year I had 3 of such engagements including the National Business Conference 2019 that held at Oriental Hotel)

Or perhaps you’ve seen pictures of me with some popular business figures like Akin Alabi, the founder of Nairabet or Fela Durotoye, (2019 Presidential Candidate).

Or maybe you use one or more of my online companies

Whichever is the case, I’m here to help you because,

I know exactly where you are and what you need to do to succeed.

The content of this book are not theory, they are the things that helped me build my 7 figure online business empire. Get insight into everything I & many others have done inside.

To your success,
Godson Okorodudu
Founder & CEO, Miduman.com & Zappysend.com


PPS:  One of the commonest reasons why many people don’t reach their full potential is that they stick to their outdated, non-functional way of doing things and are too scared to try out new things! If this looks like you, then you need to change starting this moment or you are screwed.

One way to be sure you are not that guy in my description is that – You already have a money “spitting” online business! because the world is SHIFTING online.

You are one click away from becoming better equipped to succeed in the “today’s world”. Click the button below now!



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