Would You Like Us To Hold You By The Hand To Launch Your ₦1,000,000.00/month Information Marketing Business?

The ONLY way is to Join the…


DATE: 21ST – 27TH, OCTOBER 2020

Only 100 ATTENDEES (Slots would fill up fast!!!)

Late Registration Closes In…

If You Make N1,000,000/Mo Why Share The Secret With Others?

From the Desk of Godson Okorodudu

Founder & CEO, Miduman.com

If you are asking the question above, you’ve got a point (if the organiser is broke)… but for us, Rich People, here are 2 Reasons why…

  1. THE OBVIOUSwe make money off it. There’s no lying about it, though I argue that for the most part… we don’t do it for the money but for…
  2. LEGACY – What money can’t buy. Once money stops being a problem, you will want something more and that is… making a difference in people’s lives.

Happily I’ve been at that point for sometime…

In fact last year, I made a “DRUNK” post on Facebook…

I promised to work with 100 people to start 6 – 7 figure income businesses

And just before 2020 winds-up I need to make good on that promise…

Would like to be one of the 100?

If your answer is yes, then…

Pay Rapt Attention To What I’m About To Say Because It’s A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity!

Let me say this first…

This would be the most un-enticing sales page you would ever read.


I want to discourage the “already discouraged” (Skeptics) from joining.


I don’t want many people cashing in on the secrets I would’ve to reveal in the challenge to make it work for the attendees


Those secrets are the singular reason my 5 businesses bring multi millions every 30 days. (Screenshot of 1 below)

So if you are expecting a HARD SELL or you are looking for a…

Super Convincing Pitch to persuade you to join this challenge…

You might as well close this page now because I won’t do any of that.

This Challenge Is Not For The Weak Minded or Wannabes…

It is for purpose driven people who know what they want and are willing to pay the price to get it.

So for those of us still here, you are in great luck.

Let me tell you why…

You might already know Info marketing is…

“Selling simple digital resources like ebooks, videos, audios, etc. that shows someone how to solve a problem”.

But here is a simple example of how it really works:

If you create a short 9 paged ebook on “How to Get Accepted and Play In A Top English Football Club”…

We know that there are likely over 5 million young people who want this! (…and in some cases 40 year olds whose football age is 17 ???? )

If you price this ebook at N5,000 and sell just 200 copies (Ideally could be more) per month… How Much Would You Be Making Monthly?

Don’t bother doing the Math…

…You’d Be Making An AUTOMATED N1,000,000 Every Month For The Foreseeable Future!

This looks exciting right?

So as you can see, it is very simple to make millions from selling information products…


The problem usually is that to succeed, you need to do 3 things right…

  1. Create Info products that people are desperate & cash ready to buy (This is where most people miss it and waste tons of energy & efforts)
  2. Set up a High Converting Sales Funnel (All the Tech & Marketing systems for selling online)
  3. Drive high quality traffic to the sales funnel and sell tons of copies profitably every 30 days (300 sales x N5,000 = N1,500,000)

Let me ask you…

Which of these 3 things can you easily do?

For most people the honest answer is… NONE

Now that’s where I come in.

I figured that if I just released an info marketing course, it may not work very well for my goal

Which is…

To Translate 100 People From 0 to 7 Figures With Minimal Stress, Headaches and Tech Confusion

The reason is that,

A pre-recorded course won’t feature some of the difficulties people would face in real-time as they attempt to go at it alone.

So instead…

We decided to launch a challenge.

This challenge would feature a number of live interactive and practical sessions with Godson.

Which means you can watch as it is being done, do yours alongside and ask questions if you are confused at any point.

The best part is…

You will also get an additional 4 weeks of implementation follow up sessions to support you.


The aim of this challenge is that at the end, we would have hand-held a good number of persons to make their first online million in the coming month.

Which ultimately helps me fulfil the “drunk” promise I made last year.

So if you work a job and you want to enjoy financial freedom and control over time.

If you are a young graduate and want to enjoy the good life, move out of your parents home, support your dreams without doing shady yahoo!

Or Maybe you are a successful business person and want to increase your income stream…

…Then this Challenge is for you.

Come with me Let me quickly show you…

Just A Fraction Of What We Would Cover –

  • How to generate tons of FAST SELLING product ideas using actual data & free software in minutes instead of creating a product no one wants to buy
  • Creating hot selling products “overnight” (it’s that fast) even if you are not an expert in any niche or don’t know how to create products.
  • The 3 pointers that show if there is actually a hungry market for your product idea (WARNING: Info products that don’t meet at least one of these pointers would fail flat)
  • [Step by Step] Building a High Converting Sales Funnel – Landing pages, Sales pages, Sales automation. See the tools I use & how I set up my system
  • Simple Framework to quickly craft persuasive sales copy and make irresistible offers even if you’ve never done it before
  • How to determine the best price for your product to sell out fast (Hint: Low price is not always right… in fact it can be the cause of poor sales)
  • How I EASILY sell thousands of my info products using Facebook Ads (I’ll show you the real Facebook Ads secret most coaches would rather mop the sea than teach you… step by step)
  • And lots lots more…

I know you can’t wait to jump in on this but first…

You Should Know 4 Very IMPORTANT Things About This N1 Million Naira Challenge:

  1. You would need capital to launch (It covers for few tools and Initial Facebook Ads). A rough calculation sets the capital needed to be between N24,950 – N59,410 (Note: This money doesn’t come to me, it is what you need to buy the tools you will be needing to setup your info business) Please don’t join if this is an issue.
  2. Participating in the Challenge is not Free, it would cost you a token of N50,000.00 (For a N4,000,000+ value). In Fact the exact price I charged in the past for a 2 day version of this event was N400,000. So consider this a mad giveaway price!
  3. This challenge would never be held Live again – Future cohorts (*if any), would likely be pre recorded and priced way higher
  4. Finally, we can only take maximum of 20 – 100 attendees for the sake of quality. (The more the number the more difficult it is to support everyone) And Spots would likely fill out pretty fast.

So if you know this is for you, Don’t miss this chance!!!

Late Registration Closes In…

By Participating In This Challenge, You Will Also Learn Some High Ticket Money Making Skills, Including:

✅ Funnel Building (Worth: $5,500)

✅ Website Design (Worth: $997)

✅ Copywriting (Worth: $2,000)

✅ Email Re Marketing Automation (Worth: $997)

✅ Facebook Advertising (Worth: $2,000)

✅ Hot Selling Info Product Creation (Priceless)

Total Worth: $11,494 (N4,482,660)

I know you might be wondering…

Why Are They Called Money Making Skills, And How Was Their Worth Calculated?

The simple answer is that, you can easily make their “worth” if you offer the service in the marketplace.

Funnel builders earn $1,000 to $6,000 per funnel and you would learn how to build unlimited funnels.

Same for website design, Copywriting, Facebook Ads etc.

Another angle to look at it from is that…

The cost of learning each of these skills on their own could easily be 10x the price for this challenge (N50,000)

In summary, even if you mastered only one of these soft skills, you would have your money’s worth of value and never have to worry about making money online again.

But what is even more is that you will learn ALL of them…

…AND from arguably one of the very best marketers in Nigeria. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join The ₦1 Million Naira Challenge

5 Days of Live Interactive Training Via Facebook Live:

60 mins of daily live training from Godson Okorodudu. Which means you’ll have the opportunity to practice along & to ask questions in areas you are not clear

N1 Million Naira Challenge Private Facebook Group

Join a private community of other smart business persons and get peer support as you implement

Learn Other Money Skills Worth N4,000,000+

Learn some of the in-demand skills like copywriting, funnel building, website design, Running Facebook Ads and lot’s more

4 Weeks of Implementation Follow up to Launch Your Very Own Info Marketing business:

Get continuous support over a 4 week period in the community via weekly live accountability & Q&A calls to aid your launch after the challenge

Bonus Resources - Workbooks, Cheatsheet & Examples

Get access to 3rd party resources, templates, cheat sheets we use to build out super converting funnels. Which means you can avoid guessworks

*4 Weeks Implementation Follow up Calls – Right in the Private Facebook Group with Godson to iron out any difficulties you may experienced during implementation.

You Would Also Get Lifetime Access To the Live Recordings and VIP Resources shared in the Group alongside a private community of smart individuals right inside of Facebook.

Let Me Stress Again, That This Will Work For You Even If –

  • You’ve never created an info product before
  • You’re not an expert in anything
  • You’re not tech-savvy
  • You don’t have a website
  • You don’t have a lot of time

All you need to do, is register & Participate in the Challenge one step at a time (Also don’t be shy to ask for help from the community whenever you need it!)


Wednesday, October 21st
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

Thursday, October 22nd
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

Friday, October 23rd
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT


Monday, October 26th
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

Tuesday, October 27th
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

Millionaire Mindset & Introduction to Information Marketing

How To Create a Hot Selling Products Overnight

*New High Converting Sales Funnel Design and Setup

Off Day

Copywriting Mastery

Running Effective Facebook Ads

Wednesday, October 21st
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

Millionaire Mindset & Introduction to Information Marketing

Thursday, October 22nd
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

How To Create a Hot Selling Products Overnight

Friday, October 23rd
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

*New High Converting Sales Funnel Design and Setup


Off/Catch Up Day

Monday, October 26th
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

Quick Copywriting Mastery

Tuesday, October 27th
7pm Lagos Time | 11am PT

Running Effective Facebook Ads

How It Works

Every day Godson would host a live interactive & practical session with all participants inside the Facebook Group.

You would have the opportunity to have your questions answered and clarified live just before the end of each session.

And if you fall behind one day, don’t worry. The recordings of each session would be available in the Facebook Group.

At the end of the 5 days interactive sessions & the 4 weeks of Implementation Follow up, You’ll have all the support & training you need to launch your own high converting 7 figure Information marketing business.

I know you can imagine how organised and vital this would be in accomplishing your dreams of starting and succeeding in this online business.


When any one of these 2 things happen:

(1) The last and final day for registration is 20th of October, 2020 or (2) when 100 people register.

Who is Godson Okorodudu?

Godson is the Founder & CEO of Miduman.com & Zappysend.com. A stellar alumnus of YCombinator SUS, San-francisco California.

He speaks at several large events (across 3 continents), including the National Business Conference at Oriental Hotel in 2019.

He has been featured side by side famous entrepreneurs like Akin Alabi (Founder Nairabet), Shola Akinade (Co-Founder, Paystack), and Iyan Carnevale (Co-Founder, Andela)

He is the go to Consultant when companies are desperate for results across all industries from Real Estate To Marketing Companies from Every part of the World including North America.

In total, Godson runs 5 different thriving online companies and is willing to show you what you need to do to replicate his success.

Let’s Build An Info Marketing Business That Generates 7 Figures Profit… By Next Month

Join the N1 Million Naira Challenge and Get:

  • 5 Days of Live Interactive Training (…plus recordings)
  • Private Only Facebook Group Community
  • 4 Weeks of Implementation Follow up
  • Other Money Making Skills Worth N4m+ (Copywriting, Funnel Building, Facebook Ads, etc)
  • Bonus Workbooks, Templates, Cheatsheet

Value: N4,482,660 | Join Today For Just N50,000.00

Late Registration Closes In…

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